Zboże, komponenty paszowe, nawozy, olej roślinny, pszenica konsumpcyjna, pszenica paszowa, żyto konsumpcyjne, jęczmień paszowy, jęczmień browarny, kukurydza, rzepak, makuch rzepakowy.  
Offering machinery for manufacturing pellets from straw. Set’s purpose – to produce biofuel pellets from grain and oily culture straw, that they would be suitable for automatic heating systems and animal bedding.
Set includes:
1. Straw transporter for straw bales (round, quadrate) to supply Shredder.
Straw transporter (chain) - used to move straw rolls and bales to the shredder. The speed of transporter is controlled automatically. About 2,0 tons of straw rolls and bales can be loaded on the transporter – this amount is enough for 1-2 work hours of SSGL-1 set. The transporter can be easily adapted to left or right loading side.
  • productivity – to 1,3 t/h;
  • gear motor (with frequency converter) – 0,25 kW;
  • overall dimensions – (11000x1600x2250) mm;
  • weight – 3600 kg.
2. Straw rolls Shredder
Straw bales shredder. Purpose - to shred the straw bales up to 20-60 mm fraction and transport shredded material to the hammer mill.
From the transporter, straw bales fall into rotating bunker, where straw are shredded and then fall into screw transporter, which moves shredded straw to the stone catcher.
Includes rotor with el. engine -37kW, screw transporter with gear motor – 2,2kW, shredder bin with gear motor –3,0kW, with rate converter.
  • productivity - to 1,3 t/h;
  • el. gears and el engines general power – 42,2 kW;
  • overall dimensions – (2300x2300x2700) mm;
  • weight – 2000 kg.
3. Hammer mill with stone catcher
Stone catcher is mounted near hammer mill intake. Hammer mill purpose – to grind the shredded straw up to 1-3 mm fraction. 3000 rpm rotor with special hammers grinds the material, blows through the sieve and tubes up to the primary and secondary cyclones with sluice gates.
  • productivity - to 1,3 t/h;
  • el. engine power – 55,0 kW;
  • overall dimensions – (2100x970x1200) mm;
  • weight – 1000 kg
4. Cyclone with sluice gate
Cyclones with sluice gate puts-down grinded material and dust to the screw transporter. Includes 1,5kW el. gear motor;

5. Air filtration set
Includes cyclone, sluice gate with el. gear motor - 0,75kW, air filter EKO (filtrating sleeves and sacks for collecting dust);
6. Electricity control box (for shredding system).   PELLET’S PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT
General Electric.
7. Pellet Press OGM – 1,5A (CЄ) set.
Includes straw die 8x82, air filter EKO, scr. transporter, batcher, mixer, elevator, cooler, sorter, cyclone, set of metal and plastic tubes, water junction, electricity control box (General electric).
Screw transporter brings grinded material to the bunker, then, through the batcher, to the mixer. Raw material, with a help of rolls, is pressed through the die holes (8mm), then cooled, sorted and transported to the packing system. Dust and not pelletized material is transported to the cyclone and then to the repeated pelletizing process.
Pellet press technical data


Overall dimensions

Sawdust, straw, peat, manure - up to 1,3 t/h

Width — 3830 mm

Grass, compound feed, beet pulp - up to 2,3 t/h.

Height — 5690 mm

Demanded total power – 98 kW

Weight — 4900 kg

Diameter of die holes - 1,8 – 14 mm

Length — 4100 mm

8. Packing into Big Bag equipment set
Transporter 6m. with 1,5kW el. engine, bunker for pellets, electronic scales.
9. Automatic lubrication pump for rollers
Includes 0,06kW el. Engine.


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